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ME- Hello- my name is Juliette. I am the pregnant one holding my belly in the photo, with my sister- the bride, and my mom at my sister's wedding. 

BC WHILE PG- At age 41 I became pregnant with our second child just as we celebrated our son's first birthday. I was weaning him from breast milk so thought very little of the lump in my breast. I assumed it was related to breastfeeding or the new pregnancy. Fortunately my doctor recommended testing. It was a complete shock that the results were positive. My grandmother was 98 years old (now 99), my mother and aunts are very healthy and there is no family history.  And I am healthy! I practice yoga and eat kale- how could this be?   

MY JOURNEY-And so my journey began which continues since I am still in treatment.  For each phase so far, I have spent time doing google searches, reading books and asking other survivors what to expect and how to prepare. So I wanted to create a space for women that has this type of information in one place in an effort to make the journey easier.

THIS SITE- I have posted what has worked for me so far. I plan to post something new every week. Almost everything on this site is what has come from other women who have generously and kindly shared with me. I can't guarantee that anything I have posted will work for others -the idea is to see if anything resonates and also post to add what has worked best for you.