At age 41, I became pregnant with our second child just as we celebrated our son's first birthday. I was weaning him from breast milk so thought very little of the lump in my breast. I assumed it was related to breastfeeding or the new pregnancy. Fortunately my doctor recommended testing. It was a complete shock that the results were positive. My grandmother was 98 years old (now 99), my mother and aunts are very healthy and there is no family history.    

And so my journey began which continues since I am still in treatment.  I wanted to create a place for women to share information about their experiences with complementary health care-a space that has links to resources and tips and reviews of products and media (books, videos,  etc.) so we can find out what is out there to support us and help us heal.

Other women have been so kind and generous in their support which led to the birth of this site. My hope is that together we can create an active site with women contributing what has worked best and been the most helpful along this journey.